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 A professional book designer since 1994,
my emphasis is
on illustrated art catalogs,
photography books,
and elevating music
packaging to book form...
along with designing record albums,
CDs, DVDs,
film posters, children’s books,
cookbooks, and so on.

With my situational approach to design,
a great love
and knowledge of typography, color,
and printing,
I will translate your ideas 
into a thought-provoking

professional publication.

Our collaboration will generate a new juxtaposition
of ideas,
providing balanced and engaging form
to your content.

My personal interests extend beyond books
to photography,
music making, and enjoying
the sights
and sounds in between.

After a lifetime in Seattle,
I now reside in central Finland 

with my wife and daughter.

Thank you for looking.


John Hubbard

 B O O K  D E S I G N E R   /   C R E A T I V E   D I R E C T O R





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