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Celebrating 30 years as a professional book designer.

My emphasis has been on illustrated art museum exhibition catalogs,
photography books, and related realizations all the while working
to elevate music related projects to book form.

More and more traditional
music packaging crosses desk:
long-playing albums, singles, CDs, DVDs, music and film posters, etc.

I originally attended Cornish College of the Arts to study design 30+ years ago
to design records but records were out of fashion in favor of compact discs.

The spiral in the circle returning.

With my situational approach to design,
a great love and knowledge of typography, color, and printing,
I continue to translate client content, ideas, and goals
into thought-provokingly desirable professional publications.

Our collaboration will generate a new juxtaposition of thoughts,
while providing balanced and engaging form to your content.

My personal interests extend beyond books
from our daughter to nature, cooking, photography,
electronic and organized sound (as Jussi Glögi),  
and enjoying the sights and sounds in between.

Central Finland has been my home for over 12 years
after an incubation period in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for looking.


John W. Hubbard

 B O O K  D E S I G N E R   /   C R E A T I V E   D I R E C T O R





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